Welcome to TimeOn Online: the web companion of TimeOn Mobile application.

What is TimeOn mobile ?

A classic agenda presents your upcoming events; TimeOn is saving your past important activities.
TimeOn is also a time and cost/revenue tracking tool, an activity reminder. In summary, TimeOn will help you, never forget important time and activities in your life!
The missing application in your work and private productivity!


Time spent (and eventually cost) are cumulated for a large pannel of filters.
Organize your activities under categories (Stream) and specialize them by adding tags.
Display and filter your activities automatically for the current or previous month or week. Or create a custom filter with a lot of criteria: stream, profil (private, work), tags or specific text.
List of activities can be grouped by stream, day, month.

Duration of each activity are cumulated for the current filter and for each group.
An activity is created directly, or by cloning an existing one for the current day, or even by starting a timer.
You can add a repeater to an activity to have an automatic reminder at specific period. By example, add a repeater for a dentist event in a year, and so,you don't need anymore to remember when you went to dentist the last time!
Your filtered list of activity can be export in CSV (compatible with Excel or Numbers) and send by email.
Sync all your data on the cloud in a simple and secure process; and review them on this website. If you change your phone, all your activities will be sync again to your mobile.

If you have already an account, login to access your data.

If you have no account, install Free flight Airlog on your mobile, and create a free account in the "Sync" screen.